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We all have a destiny in our life.

I thought mine was having a corporate job in advertising, and I did it for 16 years. Then I found yoga: in 2012 I quit my job, travelled to India with my family, with the intention of studying, and maybe one day teaching, Ashtanga Yoga.

At that point I found my destiny, my dharma. But it wasn’t being a yoga teacher.

It was photography.

I started collaborating with some of the most renowned yoga teachers such as Kino MacGregor, Meghan Currie, Simon Borg Olivier, Laruga Glaser and so on, with many yoga studios, fitness clubs and yoga retreats center (Pure Yoga, Pure Fitness, Yogayama, Kaliyoga, YIS Yoga in Salento and many others) and with several brands, among them Dharma Bums, Be Pure Apparel, OHMME, Blusima ecc) and travelled the world shooting, from Europe to USA to Asia.

In 3 years I produced, filmed and edited almost 300 videos and shot thousands of pictures that have been featured in anything from advertising posters to Instagram posts, websites and magazines, international exhibitions or just personal portolios.

I love to shoot yoga, fitness, fashion, portraits, dance, lifestyle, but I am open to any possibility.

I don’t like labels.

Yoga Photographer? Fitness Photographer? Filmaker? DOP? Director? Artist? Social Media influencer? Visual Storyteller?

I just have my eyes, my cameras, and many stories to tell.

Always looking for the next one.