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Pure Group is Asia’s leading lifestyle brands offering Yoga studios as Pure Yoga, fitness clubs as Pure Fitness, restaurants and an activewear Be Pure.

I’ve worked with them helping them creating the visual content (both videos and photos) for their social media. I’ve produced more than 20 short videos and around 300 pictures that will be shared in their social media during all the year 2016.

In this playlist you can see some videos:


And here is a gallery with a selection of pictures

More infos about Pure here:

Balearic Retreats

Balearic Retreats is focused on organising yoga holidays in the beautiful island of Mallorca.

I filmed a promotional video, creating a short story, with the intention of sharing something light and fun, using as background the amenities of the location and the beauties of the island.


And here are some pictures of Pilar, the owner of Balearic Retreats

Lalit in Cadiar

My collaboration with Himalaya Yoga Valley’s teacher Lalit Kumar is being continuing over the year with online yoga classes (that you can find on My Yoga TV), pictures for his websites and promotional videos.

During his retreat in Cadiar, Spain, I’ve filmed 2 videos and shot a series of pictures.

A promotional video for the retreat:


A short video of his practice:


And here are some pictures:



YIS Yoga in Salento is one of the first and biggest yoga retreat places in Italy, located in the southern part of the country, Puglia.

The owner, Francesca Maniglio, that before dedicating herself to manage YIS was an award winning film maker, asked me to tell the story of the place through a series of short videos.

You can have a look of the result here:


More infos about YIS Yoga in Salento:


OHMME is one of the few activewear brands focused only on yoga menswear.

It’s been almost an year that I collaborate with them shooting short videos and taking pictures of some of the most inspiring male yoga practioners in the world.

Here is a playlist of some of the videos I’ve shot for them:

And here is a selection of the pictures I’ve shot over the last year

More infos about OHMME here:


My Dharma

Dharma Bums, a yoga and active wear brand from Australia, sponsored me for collecting stories from different yoga practitioners and teachers, from different styles of yoga, in different countries over a period of few months.

It’s been an exciting project where I met inspiring people and I had the opportunity to interview them, aswell as filming them and photographing there during their yoga practice.

The result of this collaboration is a project called My Dharma

You can see the whole project here:


The Flow of Breath, short demo:


The Flow of Breath, full practice:


A photo gallery:


Ty’s website:


Shiva and Shakti

More infos about Blu Sima:

Mark Robbers:

Deepika Mehta:


Here are some images I shot in Dubai, Goa and Mysore for the Re-Yoga Calendar of this year 2015.

You can order it here:

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More infos about OHMME:

More infos about Baris:


The most important yoga



More infos about OHMME:


More infos about Simon Borg-Olivier: