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The last years of my life have been phenomenal.

From a professional point of you, it felt like “from zero to hero”.

5 years ago, I was a copywriter in an italian advertising agency, who was not in love with his job anymore and forgot the purpose of it.

Nowadays, I’m an international photographer and video maker who loves what he’s doing and, after traveling and not having a house (or better said many temporary houses) for so long now has settled down again in Italy, as a base for his family and his travels.

I’ve worked so much in the last years that if I look back I can’t believe how it was possible. I started shooting for yoga and I’m now shooting still a lot of yoga, but also fitness, fashion, fine art nudes and anywhere my creativity brings me.

My growth has been always organic and I didn’t have time to plan what to do next.

On a way, this is a good was of working and probably the best attitude towards life. I spend most of my life planning things and making plans (I’m a Virgo after all), to realise that we cannot control everything and it’s basically wasted time. What we can do is having a general vision on what we like to do, do it from the heart and keep the eyes open to the opportunities that might come. Those same opportunities that we can’t catch if we are making plans, because we are too busy to focus on something that doesn’t exist (because it’s in the future, and only the present exist) to really live the moment and getting the best out of it.

Still, I feel that I need to organise somehow my growth and channel it in some direction.

That’s why I am working hard at a new website that will be released very soon and I will keep this website only for blogging.

It won’t be a repetition of what I share on my other social media. For example, I would like to create more content like tutorials for aspiring photographers and video makers. I get so many requests that I really feel I have to doing something in that sense.

I would like also to give a “behind the scene” view of my life and my work, and a blog is probably the best place for it.

Those are just the first ideas. Any suggestion is welcome.

Stay tuned!