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I have a personal story to share about Mariela Cruz, authorized level II from KPJAYI. I did my first trip to Mysore to use it as a sabbatical from my stressed out job in advertising, with the only idea of practicing, enjoy my family and take rest, recharging the batteries. Hopfully to come back to work in the advertising agency in Italy. When I met Mariela she asked me: “have you ever done a yoga video?” my reply was simple: “no, but we can try to make one”.

I had no idea how to make it, but I ended up making this one:


We posted the video on youtube and facebook, and Digital Drishti started like that.


After one month we made another video, at the busiest market in Mysore:


In the summer we met again in Mallorca, for her retreat:


In the next Mysore season, we made a video with 2 of her students, in spanish, about why coming to Mysore:


This summer, we met again in Mallorca, you can see her in the Ashtanga Mallorca Retreats video, and we have some time to shoot a couple of pictures while relaxing at the beach: