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All my life I’ve been told that was better to cultivate my intellectual side more than the physical. Sometimes this was an advice that came from my teachers, sometimes from my parents, most often from myself.  I always enjoyed sports but I felt that spending time on books at school and later doing an intellectual job had somehow more value. That’s how I always excelled at school and then I ended up working as a copywriter in several Italian advertising agencies for almost 16 years.

During all this time, I was neglecting my body.

At a certain point, I reached a point where my body told me I had to claim it back. When I was in my 30s I started feeling older and weaker, with a lot of back pain for the hours spent at the computer all day, a growing beer (or maybe wine) belly due to too many happy hours (or “aperitivo” as we call it in Italy) after works, way too many parties at night and a sense of: “I can’t go on like this”.

It was not only a physical problem, but I started to heal myself from what is more tangible: the body.

I made a shift.

I was going running every morning, day in day out, no matter how the weather was, then I started lifting weights at the gym.

Obviously, the body was feeling better every day.

Then one day, thanks to my wife, I discovered yoga.

Just approaching the physical aspects of that ancient discipline, I immediately realised the connection between body and mind, a connection that can lead to something deeper within ourselves.

In my breath and in my movements I realised that there is no contradiction. I remember that what I was studying at school about the Ancient Greeks or the Romans was the same. We have to give equal attention to our minds and our bodies.  “Mens sana in corpore sano”. At that time, they were only boring words in a dead language, but in just one second I understood that this is so obvious and so true.

At that point, quoting Richard Freeman (one of the most renowned Ashtanga Yoga teachers), “Yoga ruined my life”.

For the better.

I quit my job. I left Italy with my wife and my son with a one way ticket to Mysore with the intention of practicing yoga at the source. Once there, soon enough, I transformed my passion for photography and videography in my full time job, starting travelling the world and shooting for yoga teachers, personal trainers, active wear brands ecc. But you can read this story elsewhere or just have a look at the photos and the videos I made so far.

This blog is not about me but it’s here to document a project that is very meaningful to me.

A project that will start with a 6 months trip all over India and then it can continue for all my life.

It’s an investigation about movement. About the different arts of movements.

Yoga, dance, martial arts…

We will see different disciplines, countries, people. We will admire the beauty of movement, in its original forms. We will discover how movement can take different forms, because it can express our feelings, our history, our identity.

Beyond the form, We will try to find the substance.

Wish me good luck.